Christian Kündig

Product Manager


2021 - ScummVM Webassembly
Run classic adventures games on the web: code, demo.
2020 - tvhProxy
Use tvheadend as a source in Plex DVR: code.
2020 - TV7 EPG Parser
Extract XMLTV EPG from the init7 IPTV backend: code.
2019 - Scandit3D
Simulated barcode scanning on the web: code, demo.
2019 - DK&CK
Wedding invitation:
2015 - QuizMafia
Real-time multiplayer trivia game for iOS & Android. Coming soon
2014 - Browsepass with Dropbox
Fork of Browsepass with included Dropbox client: code, demo.
2010 - Master Thesis
Building an adapting Poker Agent: code, paper.
2009 - Die Endstation
Winning entry for the 2010 Zurich Journalism Award: article.